Destinatii posibile pentru o excursie de scurta durata

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We aim to provide a solution for those who don’t have much time on their hands, but want to see some of the Romanian beauty spots worry-free. You don’t have to waste time organizing your trip. We will take care of every detail of your holiday, that will be tailored to your wishes, time and budget.

When we travel abroad, we often feel we could benefit from someone with knowledge who can deal with aspects of the trip that would be easy for a local but challenging and time consuming for the visitor.  This would provide more time to admire the places we want to visit.

We will add to your group a trusted member who will be your professional guide, driver, companion and friend. You will be accompanied to and from the airport, no matter the time you arrive/depart, and to all the places you wish to visit, with the added benefit of being a translator.

Practically, a car with driver will be at your disposal all along your trip, giving you the possibility to see more sights, or to change the destination or the time spent in one place, according to your desires.

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