At first, a visit to the heart of a mountain is the dream of every child reading Jules Verne. The old mine elevators meeting the desire for exploration in minutes. The fresh air out there I have not experienced elsewhere and come back feeling refreshed from the mine when time allows me to do this.

Prahova saline grandeur stuns everyone who visits.

Otopeni Airport can be reached by car in about 60-80 minutes. Unfortunately, during the summer, the large number of visitors, the waiting time for the descent into the mine can be up to 2 hours. Therefore, everything must be planned ahead to make the most of your valuable time.
Near the mine is Mount Green (tuff, a rock formed by the accumulation and consolidation of ash from volcanic eruptions) and you can take a dip in the saltwater lake. I believe that for a lightning trip to Romania a few days, these places can be seen in one dayg, especially if you combine sightseeing with a visit to Prahova Valley mine.